Guiding Principles

Healthy Conservatoires sets out nine principles for establishing a healthy performance environment.

A healthy conservatoire…

Embeds Provision

…usingĀ settings-based and whole system approaches to embed health and wellbeing in artistic and academic programmes and in operational mandates.

Provides Diverse Resources

…acknowledging the holistic nature of health and wellbeing by actively engaging in all eight areas outlined in our wellbeing framework.

Instils Healthy Habits

…aiming to advance learning and teaching practices that encourage life-long healthy habits and skills to enhance performance.


…creating institutional and individual knowledge about healthy choices, empowering students and staff to develop autonomy and control over their own health and wellbeing.

Encourages Collaboration

…promoting health and wellbeing as an endeavour to be undertaken collectively by students, staff, senior leadership and external agencies.


…using participatory approaches to engage the voice of students and staff in decision-making.

Consults Evidence

…employing evidence-based research in developing and delivering provision.

Is Expert Led

…working with experts in health and wellbeing, ensuring that staff and students have access to them and other appropriate sources of expertise.

Promotes Good Practice

…sharing knowledge and experience within its communities and across the sector, locally, nationally and internationally.

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