Meeting 14: Physical fitness in the performing arts: Interdisciplinary perspectives on physical wellbeing


Online via Zoom

Number of Attendees: 92

Chair: Sarah Upjohn




  1. Welcome and introductions

           Sarah Upjohn, Purcell School


Session I: Perspectives on physical fitness from across the performing arts


  1. Exercise physiology

           Dan Gordon, Anglia Ruskin University


  1. Dance and movement

           Sarah Needham-Beck, University of Chichester


  1. Theatre and acting

           Rose Ryan, University of Surrey


  1. Circus Arts

           Glen Stewart, National Centre for Circus Arts


  1. Singers and vocalists

           Jenevora Williams, Vocal Specialist


  1. Instrumental musicians

           Staff Sergeant Glen Little, British Army Bands


  1. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

           Richmond Stace, Physiotherapist


Session II: Discussion


  1. Breakout rooms


  1. Panel Discussion with Q&A


  1. AOB
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