Meeting 6: Widening Horizons


Venue: Royal Northern College of Music

Number of Attendees: 28

Mode of Delivery: In-person




  1. Welcome and introductions

           Aaron Williamon, Royal College of Music

           Linda Merrick, Royal Northern College of Music


  1. RNCM Case Study

           Jane Ginsborg, Royal Northern College of Music


  1. Treatment in the educational setting

           Dan Hayhurst, British Association of Performing Arts Medicine

           Hara Trouli, University College London


  1. News and updates

           Louise Atkins, Royal College of Music


  1. Help Musicians UK: New Services

           Aidan Cullen, Help Musicians UK

           Kezia Racher, Help Musicians UK


  1. Widening horizons: Health beyond the conservatoire

           Sarah Upjohn, Purcell School

           Peter Garden, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra


  1. AOB
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