Meeting 9: New Technologies for Health and Supporting Performers’ Hearing


Venue: Leeds College of Music

Number of Attendees: 35




  1. Welcome and introductions


  1. Health, wellbeing, and practice: Perspectives from ‘Musical Impact’

Aaron Williamon, Royal College of Music


  1. Developing new technologies for health, wellbeing, and practice

George Waddell, Royal College of Music


  1. Discussion session


  1. Introduction: The ‘noise’ of performance

Aaron Williamon, Royal College of Music


  1. Monitoring musicians’ hearing: Results from the Royal Academy of Music

Ben Dymock, London South Bank University


  1. Best practice in effective conservation of auditory health for performers

Robert Shepheard, Anglian Hearing Healthcare


  1. Supporting performers’ hearing

Aidan Culley, Help Musicians UK


  1. Discussion session


  1. AOB
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